Spring 2002
Stony Brook
Principles of Database Systems
Annie Liu
Homework 2
Handout H2
Jan. 29, 2002
Due Feb. 5

An Interesting Database System Application

What to do? Describe an application that can use a database management system. This should be an application that you like both as a customer (so that it is motivated and useful) and an implementor (so that it is fun to work on it). It would be really interesting (isn't it interesting to try something new?:-)) if, to your knowledge, such a system does not exists yet, or is not available exactly as you like.

In particular, explain the application, why is it useful (if there is anything not obvious), why you'd like to work on it (if there is anything special), and possibly how different it is from related systems that you know are available. You may cite references to support your description.

Then, more precisely, describe (1) the kinds of data that need to be in the system and constraints on the data, (2) the kinds of operations that you'd like to do with the data, and (3) some typical size of the data and some typical performance requirements on the operations.

Your description should be as clear and complete as you can possibly write in one or two pages. For a sample, you may reference the case study in parts of Chapter 2 and in Chapter 3.

What to deliver? Hand in a print out of your description in class on the due date.

Note: Besides the TAs, I also go through the homeworks myself, and you may get extra bonus if your homework is impressive.