CSE 532 -- Project Page

Please note: project assignments are available only through the Blackboard system.

There will be three projects, each using a different system. You are expected to install those systems on your laptop or in your Departmental or SBU account.

Project 1

Project 1 will be using the Flora-2 system.


Project 2

For Project 2 you will be using the PostgreSQL DBMS.


Project 3

For Project 3, you will be using the eXist-db XML DBMS.


Source code repository

You will be required to maintain your code in private Git repositories on Github Classroom (one repository per each part of the project). If you do not have a Github account, get one now, before things get very busy.

We recommend that you do not use command line interface to Git but rather one of the graphical front-ends, such as SmartGit or GitKraken, which work on all platforms. On Windows, you can also use TortoiseGit and SourceTree. The latter also works on the Mac. Some general Git tutorials:

Here are some short video tutorials that I found (there are many!):

Note: for this project you will likely need only the basics like cloning, pulling, pushing, staging, and committing.