Harinath Kanchu

631-374-4331 | Chapin, 700 Health Sciences Drive Stony Brook NY 11790 | LinkedIn | kanchu.harinath@stonybrook.edu

Who Am I ?

I am master's student from Stony Brook University with good computer knowledge and would love to solve some good problems related to distributed systems and data analysis. I also have good knowledge in Web Development, Android App Development, Data Analysis, Cloud Computing. I also have extensive knowledge and experience on Linux. I worked on development of most of the apps including java desktop apps, web apps and android apps including the backend services using REST Apis and scaling the services using tools like Apache Mesos.


Love to play cricket, volleyball. Like to code on Vim and Pycharm. One thing I would like to do is Online Competitive Coding. Good in Math.

Stony Brook University: Master's in Computer Science
Aug 2018 - Dec 2019

Coursework: Asynchronous Systems (Distributed Systems), Data Science Fundamentals, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology: B.Tech in Computer Science (8.06/10)

Technical Capabilities

- Proficient in multiple languages including python, java, c, c++, php, javascript
- Because of my work experience, I can build good websites very fast, from scratch. I developed many Android applications too.
- My web programming skills include development of REST Apis, Database stored procedures, Front-end designs, caching techniques, developing high performance web-server and scaling the applications in real time.
- Good experience with scraping of web pages from internet and extracting information from them and analysing that huge data using data analysis tools like NLTK, pandas.
- Worked on Design patterns like MVC and developed middleware in frameworks like Django to handle sessions and possess good understanding of authentication and authorisation in web protocols.
- Understanding of deployment of applications on cloud (zero down time deployment using blue green technique) and scaling them automatically based on the load analysis.
- Good knowledge in computer networks and aware of designing secure server architecture using jump servers, load balancers like HAProxy and NGINX using layer 4 and layer 7 load balancing techniques.
- Fluent in Linux and possess excellent understanding of Operating Systems and can analyse the performance of a application in a server using logs and stats. (automated performance monitoring)
- Good understanding of cloud technologies and distributed systems as I worked in Core-Infrastructure Team at OLA, India. This made me to gain knowledge and interest on open source cloud technologies like Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, HAProxy etc.
- Good knowledge in all Software Engineering tools and techniques like versioning of code using GIT, usage of SSH, writing well commented and well formatted code, writing test cases (unit test cases) and usage of design patterns.

Skills and Achievements

Languages, Frameworks and Libraries : Python, Java, C, C++, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, VBA, Django, Django Rest Framework, Pandas, Numpy, Tornado, NLTK, Yii, Slim.

Cloud Technologies and Tools : Docker, Redis, Mesos, Marathon, Kubernetes, Vim, Tor

Operating Systems and Other Skills : Android, UNIX, Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Web Development

Online Competitive Coding: Leet Code, Codechef, Spoj, HackerRank, HackerEarth

Achievements: 12th rank in ACM ICPC Chennai Multi-Provincial National Programming Contest 2015.

Interesting things I worked on
  • I implemented TOR ip address filter which can give you the best working IP address for a particular domain based on the history.
  • Clustering similar online products together and comparing their prices.
  • Implemented a offline search engine for the docs in the computer.
Work Experience

Software Development Engineer at OLA (ANI Technologies), Bangalore, India
2018 March - 2018 July

Worked in Core Infrastructure / Platforms Team as a Developer.

Orchestrator (Internal Tool to deploy applications):

Cloud Technologies :

Software Engineer at CouponDunia, Bangalore, India 2016 July - 2018 February

Price Comparison Engine (comparing various prices of same product in online websites):

WEB Development:

Software Intern at MAQ Software, Hyderabad, India 2015 May - 2015 July

Did data analysis using SQL, EXCEL (VBA)

Major Projects

Android App Project under Shital A. Raut (Prof. CSE VNIT) 2016 January - 2016 April

Created a android app where users can form groups, track each other based on GPS location. Also based on location, working people like electricians, carpenters etc are shown on map. Deployed in heroku server.

Offline search engine for text based documents 2015 November - 2016 January

Indexing all the text based documents in the local computer, user can search for relevant document by entering the keywords in the search bar. Used Java, SQLite (db).

Billing Software For Small Scale Business 2014 November - 2015 January

Designed a desktop app using Java, which will organize the data of small scale business and generate bills in pdf format. User can also retrieve the previously generated bills for reference. Used SQLite, Java swing.