Harinath Kanchu

About me

Graduating this december from Stony Brook Univeristy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way of learning and designing algorithms that can be fed into machines to make them work efficiently for humanity.

I am a person who can communicate with a machine called COMPUTER in an algorithmic and Object Oriented way. Believe me computers like Objects :)

Right now my major areas of interest will be applying algorithms of distributed systems especially in designing and developing large scale applications and also working with natural language processing.

Summer Internship at Google

I was part of Resource, Infrastructure optimization team.

I worked on development of database access layer in JAVA for the internal application.

The major objective is to migrate the database from MySQL to Spanner to make the application more scalable

Worked extensively on Java Guice, which is used to create modules for dependency injection.

Also involved in Spanner query optimizations.

Masters at Stony Brook University, New York

Masters definitely helped me to consolidate all my undergrad knowledge and my work experience.

My coursework included Operating Systems, Asynchronous Systems (Distributed Systems), Data Science, Visualization, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology.

I worked as Teaching Assistant for the course System Administration and assisted class size of 74 students.

I did my advanced project under Mike Ferdman. The project is mainly about building a data pipeline for the DNS zone files and resolving millions of domains.

Software Engineer at OLA, Bangalore

Being part of Core Infrastructure / Platforms Team. Worked on development of Orchestrator (internal tool).

Developed RESTful Apis using Django REST Framework (Python) to deploy apps on Apache Mesos

Created a feature similar to "POSTMAN" to securely make HTTP calls on Mesos Slaves.

Primarily worked on Python, Docker, Redis, MySQL, NGINX, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, NodeJS.

Gathered very good understanding of load balancing, scaling and deployment techniques.

Software Engineer at CouponDunia, Bangalore

I worked on a challenging product Price Comparison Engine, which can compare prices of same product in multiple websites in the internet. And acheived accuracy above 85%.

Wrote web crawler/scraper to fetch millions of web pages every day using headless browsers.

Developed a data pipeline using Redis, MySQL and Python.

Implemented Data Cleaner using regexs and Clustering algorithms using NTLK and PANDAS.

Optimized the resource utilization by implementing caching, multithreading, concurrency techniques.

Involved in full stack develpment. Developed backend in Python, PHP, and frontend in Javascript, HTML, CSS.

B.Tech at National Institute of Technology (VNIT)

My major coursework included OS, Databases, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Networks, Cloud Computing, AI, Analysis of Algorithms, Language processors

I completed many projects in java as my personal projects such as Local Search Engine, Business Billing application etc.

I did my Summer Internship at MAQ Software, hyderabad. It was mainly about writing SQL Queries and Stored Procedures.