Kapil Thakkar


I am a Master's Student at the Stony Brook University. I have two years of work experience in the domain of Devops. I am currently working with Prof. Erez Zadok in the FSL labs. You can find my resume here.


My interests are in following technologies:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Jenkins/Gitlab CI
  • Helm
  • Container Security
  • Snyk/Qualys
  • Reviewdog



Worked with the clients and made sure that the Kubernetes deployment are always available. Used Ansible playbooks to create a Dockerfile and used helm chart to deploy it in GKE cluster. Implemented CitusData operator using Operator-Sdk where it's basic features like sharding, backup and restore, high availability were implemented


Migrated all the Jenkins related pipelines to Gitlab CI. Containarised all the microservices and deployed it to AWS. Implemented container security tool Qualys for discovery and remediations of vulnerabilities. Used Snyk for application-level vulnerability detection and used reviewdog to post the results.


Sentiment Analysis: A Novel Approach for Prediction of Satisfaction Level from Facial Expressions

Prashant Kanade, Kapil Thakkar, Pundalik Fadatare, Samad Patel, Rushikesh Salve