The HearSay project, supported by the NSF Award-IIS-0534419, aims to develop a state-of-the-art Non-Visual Web Browser. The goal of the HearSay project is to produce a superior, easy to use software designed specifically for the needs of visually impaired, blind, and deaf-blind individuals - that will allow Internet browsing with the same ease as sighted Internet users. HearSay is being developed at Stony Brook University, NY (USA).

Click here for demonstration video of TeleWeb

Click here for demonstration video of HearSay3

Click here for demonstration video of HearSay2

VxmlSurfer is a VoiceXML interpreter used as a dialog manager in HearSay.  Please click HERE for more details.  Download VXMLSurfer v1 Alpha.

For more information about HearSay see the Publications page.


The HearSay project is funded by the National Science Foundation

Last Updated 12/19/09


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