H. Andrew Schwartz

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Stony Brook University

Principal Investigator, World Well-Being Project, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty, Penn Social Media and Health Innovation Lab, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty, Center for Computational Social Science, Stony Brook University
Program Chair, Data Science and Engineering Specialization, Stony Brook University
Director, HLAB: Human Language Analysis Beings, Stony Brook University

Human Language Analysis
Data Science

Natural Language Processing
Health and Well-Being

Computational Linguistics
Applied Machine Learning

Computational Social Science
Lexical Semantics
News and Travel


The HLAB: Human Language Analysis Beings
Veronica Lynn, PhD Student
Mohammadzaman Zamani, PhD Student
Youngseo Son, PhD Student

Vivek Kulkarni, Previous PhD Student (co-advised with S Skiena; Graduated 2017, Now Postdoc at Stanford)
Masoud Rouhizadeh, Previous Postdoc (Now Postdoc at JHU)

Data, Demos, and Code

Age and Gender

To be posted

Temporal Orientation

Code: Differential Language Analysis
Feature Worker (an open-vocabulary language analysis infrastructure, primarily in Python)

Code: Social Media Tokenizer
Happier Fun Tokenizer (An improved version of Christopher Pott's Happy Fun Tokenizing, shared with his permission.)