H. Andrew Schwartz

Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Stony Brook University

Director, HLAB: Human Language Analysis Beings, Stony Brook University
Principal Investigator, World Well-Being Project, Stony Brook & University of Pennsylvania
Program Chair, Data Science and Engineering Specialization, Stony Brook University

Human Language Analysis
Data Science

Natural Language Processing
Mental Health and Well-Being

Computational Linguistics
Applied Machine Learning

Computational Psychology
Statistical Methods
News and Travel


The HLAB: Human Language Analysis Beings
Mohammadzaman Zamani, PhD Student
Youngseo Son, PhD Student
Matthew Matero, PhD Student
Huy Vu, PhD Student

Veronica Lynn, PhD - Fall 2019 (co-advised with N Balasubramanian; now with Facebook Research, Seattle)
Vivek Kulkarni, PhD - Spring 2017 (co-advised with S Skiena; Now Postdoc at Stanford with Dan Jurafsky)
Masoud Rouhizadeh, Previous Postdoc (Now Postdoc at JHU)

Data, Demos, and Code

Age and Gender

To be posted

Temporal Orientation

Code: Differential Language Analysis
Feature Worker (an open-vocabulary language analysis infrastructure, primarily in Python)

Code: Social Media Tokenizer
Happier Fun Tokenizer (An improved version of Christopher Pott's Happy Fun Tokenizing, shared with his permission.)