Stony Brook 3D Scanning Laboratory

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Welcome to 3D Scanning Laboratory at Stony Brook University

The 3D Scanning Lab focuses on studying geometric data accquisition methods, especially high speed 3D imaging systems based on structured light, such as fringe projection techniques. The systems can capture facial surfaces with dynamic expressions. The geometirc data are used for testing geometric processing methods, such as computational conformal geometric algorithms and optimal transportation maps. The data can be used for academic research purposes with a reference to this page.

Acquisition Technology

The system can capture static objects with complicated geometric and textual features. It can also capture facial surfaces with high speed and high accuracy, therefore it is capable of capturing dynamic facial expression changes. This can be applied for human expression tracking, facial geometry analysis and so on.

The geometric surfaces and texture images can be downloaded. The mesh files are in obj format, the texture images are in 24-bit bmp format.

Hardware Device

The 3D scanning system is home made, its acquisition speed is about 60 frames per second. The depth resolution is around 50 microns. Details are explained in our technical reports.

3D Scanning System Scanning Device

Static Meshes

The following meshes were captured by Dr. Song Zhang, Dr. Peisen Huang, Dr. Dimitris Samaras and Dr. David Gu. The meshes represented as Microsoft DirectX mesh format, a list of vertices with color information and a list of faces with vertex ids. The viewer can be downloaded here.

Raw Images Geometric Surface Texture Image

Lincoln Surface

Zeus Surface

Dynamic Meshes

Raw Images Geometric Surfaces Texture Images
calm face
smile face

Parameterized Meshes

Geometric Mesh Parameterized Mesh Texture Images
male face
male face

Scanned Surfaces

angel sculpture
girl sculpture

Dynamic facial expression.


calm face
smile face


If you need more sequences of dynamic geometric surfaces with textures, please send your further requests to gu AT cs DOT stonybrook DOT edu .