Halfedge Mesh Library

surface silhouette mesh gaussian curvature


by Xianfeng Gu, based on An introduction to solid modeling


This webpage has been translated to Romannian by Aleksandra Seremina, please see the Romannian version.


Mesh library is a general purpose geometric mesh library. It has been tested for progressive simplification, silhouette tracing, gaussian curvature calculation applications.

The main features

Elementary Functionalities



All faces of the mesh must be triangle. Because all the datatstructures are based on double linked list, it is straight forward to generalize the library for arbitrary sided faces.

Main Structures

Compile and Make on Unix/Linux

Compile and Build on Windows



Other Resource

Available source in Harvard Graphics Archive
  1. countour library code
  2. matrix rectify code
  3. much more mesh models
  4. convex hull,voroni diagram and medial axis code

New feature for version 1.01


If you have any question, please contact gu@cs.stonybrook.edu. I will appreciate it very much if you inform me any bugs or give me some comments.