Selected Publications, 2003

Global Conformal Surface Parameterization

X. Gu and S.-T. Yau
ACM Symposium on Geometry Processing 2003, 127-137
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Genus Zero Surface Conformal Mapping and Its Application to Brain Surface Mapping

X. Gu, Y. Wang, T. F. Chan, P. M. Thompson and S-T. Yau
C. Taylor and J. Alison Noble (Eds.), Information Processing in Medical Imaging,18th International Conference, IPMI 2003, Ambleside, UK, July 2003. Proceedings, pp. 172-184
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Surface Classification Using Conformal Structures

X. Gu and S.-T. Yau
ICCV 2003
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Fundamentals of Spherical Parameterization for 3D Meshes

C. Gotsman, X. Gu and A. Sheffer
ACM Transaction on Graphics 2003 (SIGGRAPH 2003), Vol 22, Num 3 pp. 358-363.
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Multiresolution Computation of Conformal Structures of Surfaces

X. Gu, Y. Wang and S.-T. Yau
International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control Technologies: CCCT '03.
This paper won the best paper award in the session: Computing Technologies.
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Brain Surface Conformal Mapping

X. Gu, Y. Wang, T. F. Chan, P. M. Thompson and S.-T. Yau
9th Annual Meeting of the Organization from Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), New York City, NY, Jun. 18-22, 2003