Accepted Talks

Mousumi Roy, Analysis of Cellular Feature Differences of Astrocytomas with Distinct Mutational Profiles
Saeed Boorboor, Visualization of Neuronal Structures in Wide-Field Microscopy Brain Images
Shirin Feiz, Visual Accessibility for Low Vision Users
Conor Kelton, Understanding, Modeling, and Improving the User Quality Experience of the Web
Syed Fahad Sultan, Instability of Brain Networks as an early warningsign for Diabetes and Dementia
Jun S. Kang, PoMo: Generating Entity-Specific Post-Modifiers in Context
Aria Rezaei, Privacy Protection in Machine Learning and Data Mining
Youngseo Son, Health Trajectory Prediction with Language
Md Naimul Hoque, Learning Dataset Shift in Clustering using Gradient Descent
Bhavya Ghai, A Human-in-the-loop Auditing Tool for Exploration and Mitigation of Social Biases encoded in Word Embeddings
Hao-Tsung Yang, Patrol Scheduling Against Adversaries with Varying Attack Durations
Arani Bhattacharya, SpecSense: Towards Low-Cost Distributed Spectrum Patrolling
Haotian Wang, Efficient Beacon Placement Algorithm for Time-of-Flight Indoor Localization
Richard DeFrancisco, Swarm Model Checking on the GPU
Anand Aiyer, Towards an AI model that forewarns of the onset of Sepsis in Patients in Critical Care
Darius Suciu, Automatic Detection of Confused-Deputy Attackson ARM TrustZone Environments
Meng Luo, Knowing Your Enemy: A Study of Malicious Campaigns in Web Browsing
Alok Mishra, Kernel Fusion/Decomposition for Automatic GPU-Offloading
Sanaz Sheikhi, Attack Detection and Reconstruction from Windows Audit Log
Timothy Barron, DNS Security

Accepted Posters

Sohee Kim Park, Advancing User QoE in 360-degree Video Streaming using Machine Learning and MP-TCP
Radhika Dhawan, Performance Comparison Framework for Distributed Consensus Algorithms
Mousumi Roy, Segmentation of Overlapped Steatosis in Whole-Slide Liver Histopathology Microscopy Images
Viresh Ranjan, Iterative Crowd Counting
Hae-Na Lee, Surrogate Mouse for People with Visual Impairments
Shirin feiz, A writing aid for blind people
Mohaddeseh Bastan, Inferring Authors' Sentiment in News Articles
Charuta Pethe, Approaches to user characterization on Twitter
Heeyoung Kwon, Recognizing Semantic Connection between Events
Qi Zeng, Text Assisted Insight Ranking Using Context-Aware Memory Network
Shih-Yu Tsai, Multi-Channel Assignment and Link Scheduling for Prioritized Latency-Sensitive Applications
Zafar Ahmad, A self-improving work-stealing scheduler
Saksham Chand, Simpler Specifications and Easier Proofs of Distributed Algorithms Using History Variables
Anand Aiyer, Popularity Probing for massive dynamic datasets
Mohit Marwari, Sruti Kumari, Analysis of various HTTP adaptive bitrate algorithms
Babak, Amin Azad, Attack Surface Reduction for Web Applications
Darius Suciu, DroidShield: Protection from Untrusted APPS and OSes
Chen Chen, PD-DM
Huan Nguyen, Translating Assembly to Intermediate Representation
Christopher Kane, High-level Cryptographic Abstractions
Shachee, Breaking Exploits through API Specialization
Prabuddha Kumar, Winking Router: A Side Channel Attack