ISE-311: System Administration, Spring 2010

This is the home page for the ISE-311, System Administration class for the Spring 2010, given at the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University. This class is also cross-listed as CSE-311. However, for the rest of this Web site, we will refer to this cross-listed class as just ISE-311.

To take this class, you must come to the first lecture and fill out the survey form and quiz. You must also satisfy the pre-requisties: CSE-214 or CSE-230 or ISE-208! After you register for the class, you have to subscribe to the class mailing list and request a VMware account using the links below.

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4/17 HW3 is posted (it includes a grading criteria).
3/1 HW2 is posted (it includes a grading criteria).
2/18 HW1 grading criteria (PDF) (or, in excel).
1/26 First class meets in CS department room CS-2120 (across from SINC Site).
1/25 HW1 is posted.

Class Time and Location

Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Hours: 11:20am–12:40pm
Location: Computer Science Building, room CS-2120


Name: Erez Zadok
Office: 2313-B CS Dept.
Tel: 631-632-8461 (x2-8461)
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 12:40pm–1:40pm, or by appointment.
Email: click here

Teaching Assistants

Full-time TA

Name: Zhichao Li
Office: 2214 CS. Dept. (FSL Lab)
Tel: 631-632-8466 (x2-8466)
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:20pm–3:20pm, Friday 12:30pm–1:30pm, or by appointment.
Email: click here

Half-time TA

Name: Md "Borhan" Uddin
Office: CS-2110 (TA room)
Tel: 646-410-5484
Office Hours: Monday 11:30am–12:30pm, or by appointment.
Email: click here

Course Information/Syllabus

Class Resources

Last Updated: 2010-04-17