FSL Recruiting (ongoing until further notice)

I am looking to recruit a few new PhD, MS, and undergraduate students to join my research group. Students can be existing PhD students at Stony Brook (especially new PhD students in their first year, but also MS, BS/MS, UG, and Honors students) or outside students who would apply to the PhD program at Stony Brook. We conduct systems research with a focus on storage, spanning the entire storage stack (from low level hardware, to OS layers, user-level, and distributed/cloud systems). Graduates of FSL have a great placement record in industry R&D jobs, doctoral programs, and research labs. See the FSL Home Page for such information.

Successful applicants will typically have the following:

If you are interested and you are an existing student at Stony Brook, then please email me a copy of your resume, your undergrad transcripts, and your Stony Brook transcripts (or other grad transcripts, if any) in my mailbox and I'll review them; please also include your SBU ID number, if you have one. If you have any other useful documents (papers, project details, source code examples, etc.), you can email them to me as well. If you're an external student considering applying to the PhD program, then feel free to contact me for further instructions.

If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you take CSE-506 (OS) and CSE-548 (Alg). Taking those two courses and doing well in them is critical for anyone interested in working in the systems field. Other highly useful courses are distribute systems, network/system security, networking, databases, and ML.

Qualified students who join the lab may receive financial support in the form of a Research Assistanship (RA) or a Teaching Assistanship (TA) and an in-state tuition waver, as well as access to lots of equipment and labs in FSL and CEWIT/AERTC. Typically PhD students are fully funded. I also financially support MS-Thesis students. At times I have funding available to qualified undergraduate domestic students. Most other students receive project credits towards their degrees.

(Last updated: 2022-12-25)