Erez Zadok's Curriculum Vitae Summary and Highlights

(Updated 2024-02-19)

Below is a summary (highlights) of my Curriculum Vita (CV, aka "resume"). If you would like a full copy of my CV, then please send me an email.


My research interests are in the areas of file systems and storage, operating systems, energy efficiency, performance and benchmarking, security, networking, big data, distributed systems, and data centers.

I believe in highly practical research projects that address real issues faced by society and industry, a free dissemination of open-source software, and producing high quality code prior to publications. My projects often include the release of data sets and traces as well as source code. My students and I conduct extensive hardening of software using regression suites, formal code reviews, then followed by extensive performance benchmarking and analysis—all prior to publication.

I train my students intensely. Junior students meet with me for several hours each week to learn about a wide range of topics, from technical writing, to benchmarking, to debugging race conditions and slow memory leaks. As students mature, I believe in a more hands-off approach, allowing the students to become excellent independent researchers. I trains my senior students on a variety of leadership skills, including supervising junior students, budgeting, and team management—key to becoming future leaders. I continues to advise my students in depth during the job-search process, and even post graduation on career matters. I believe strongly in "once an adviser, always and adviser."


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(Last updated: 2024-02-19)