Large-scale training of shadow detectors with noisily-annotated shadow examples

Tomas F. Yago Vicente, Le Hou, Chen-Ping Yu, Minh Hoai, and Dimitris Samaras

Abstract: This paper introduces training of shadow detectors under the large-scale dataset paradigm. This was previously impossible due to the high cost of precise shadow annotation. Instead, we advocate the use of quickly but imperfectly labeled images. Our novel label recovery method automatically corrects a portion of the erroneous annotations such that the trained classifiers perform at state-of-the-art level. We apply our method to improve the accuracy of the labels of a new dataset that is 20 times larger than existing datasets and contains a large variety of scenes and image types. Naturally, such a large dataset is appropriate for training deep learning methods. Thus, we propose a semantic-aware patch level Convolutional Neural Network architecture that efficiently trains on patch level shadow examples while incorporating image level semantic information. This means that the detected shadow patches are refined based on image semantics. Our proposed pipeline can be a useful baseline for future advances in shadow detection.

Keywords: Shadow detection, large scale shadow dataset, noisy labels

Citation: Large-scale Training of Shadow Detectors with Noisily-Annotated Shadow Examples, Vicente, T.F.Y., Hou, L., Yu, C.-P., Hoai, M., Samaras, D., Proceedings of European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2016.