Fall 2016   Wednesday 10:00 am   new CS room  120




CSE 656    Computer Vision Seminar

 Fall 2016

 Schedule of the presentations


This semester we will continue our meetings on Computer Vision. The overall purpose of this seminar is to bring together people with interests in Computer Vision theory and techniques and to examine some current research issues. This will be appropriate for people who took or will be taking the Computer Vision graduate course, and wish to learn more. Any student who has some exposure to Visual Computing should be able to follow the group.

The seminar will focus on topics related to the main research projects in Computer Vision at Stony Brook. These include machine learning in CV, biometric computing, digital media, computer vision for the internet, facial expression capture and analysis, surface reconstruction, BRDF and illumination measurement, 3D shape databases, video stream registration and motion tracking, object recognition, analysis of fMRI data, tracking of humans in indoor and outdoor environments. Other topics will depend on the interests of the participants and potential invited speakers. For this semester, we will be putting more emphasis on literatures relating to object detection.

Students can register for 1 credit for CSE656. Students who register will be expected to attend somewhat regularly and present one paper. Students who wish to enroll for more research credits will be invited to participate in the project. Everyone else is welcome to attend as they please. Also please let us know if you want to be added in the mailing list. Requests to be added to the list should be emailed to wang33 AT cs Dot stonybrook Dot edu.

There will be paper presentations as well as talks by local and visiting researchers on their work. Topics will depend on the interests of the participants. As requested by people attending this seminar, all presentation abstracts and slides will be accessed within the Computer Science department.



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