(Fall 2003 Version) CSE 605 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems (and Networks)

I am using the blackboard system to communicate with you. Please make sure that you have an account on blackboard. Please log in on blackboard and our course will come up. Read this.  This will make sure that you receive emails; also it will make it easy for us to distribute proprietary materials. 


Samir R. Das (contact info on the web page)

Class Times:

Tu-Th 6:50-8:10pm, CS 2131


Electronic Handouts:


Reading List

Sample Midterm  - Solutions (Also look at worked out examples and exercises in RJ and QSP).

Midterm Solutions

SMPL Simulator: Installed in the ~cse605/SMPL directory in the departmental Sun/Solaris machines. The machines to use are compserv1 (also 2 and 3) and sbpub1 (also 2,3,4,5 etc.) of domain cs.sunysb.edu. If you need an account, please let me know. Also, you can install the simulator on any machine you have access to and recompile the source to generate the libraries.  Read the readme file.

Course Project