CSE 392: Network Programming

Stony Brook University – Spring 2018

This course is focused on studying networking protocols and applications:

  • C / Unix TCP &  UDP socket programming
  • Real-time Protocols
  • Peer-to-Peer networks
  • and lower-level networking concepts.
Assignments and programming projects will focus the course on network programming in the context of network protocol development and implementation (e.g., TCP, ICMP, routing, multicasting, ARP, etc.), and distributed services and ‘system-level’ applications (e.g., client-server and peer-to-peer applications, distributed file systems, name services, etc.).

The goal is to understand the concepts surrounding ‘system-level’ applications and build such applications (e.g., client-server, peer-to-peer, distributed file systems, etc.).

For more information refer to the course syllabus and course schedule.

Prerequisites: CSE320 System Fundamentals II
Advisory Prerequisites: CSE310 Computer Networks

Course Meeting Times:

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30 - 9:50 am in Frey 205

Instructor Info:

  • Prof. Jennifer Wong
  • jwong at cs dot stonybrook dot edu
  • New Computer Science Building 212
  • Office Hours: Weds 10-12pm, Thurs 1-2pm

Teaching Assistant Info:

  • TBA
  • Office Hours: TBA

Optional Textbook:

W. Richard Stevens, Bill Fenner & Andrew M. Ruddof,
Unix Network ProgrammingVolume 1: The Sockets Networking API ;
3rd. edition, Addison-Wesley 2004.

Other Important Info:

  • All Announcements, Lecture Notes, Programming Assignments, Quiz information etc. will be posted on Piazza.
  • Discussion boards and collaborative student answers are REQUIRED.
  • Grades will be posted on Blackboard.

Course Calendar