Assignment # 5
Part a

Learning Goals


Use your Brooklyn Library html to make web service calls on a library resource.


  1. Revise your Brooklyn Library html to inlcude a card # text box with a maximum of 3 digits.
  2. Define a Java class whose data includes all the items in the Brooklyn Library form (plus a card # field).
  3. The Java class should be a Web service that responds to http GET requests.
  4. Serialize a minimum of 5 cards to a file that can be accessed by your Web service.
  5. When the user hits the submit button after entering only the card # and last name, if both the name and card # are found in server, return the complete set of data for the matching card as a string of Json.
  6. Allow the returned strring to be displayed on a new page in your browser.

In Part b of this assignment, you will use the returned JSON data to populate the remainder of the form.