CSE 336
Assignment # 1


  1. This assignment is very simple. Just send me an e-mail (to robkelly@cs.stonybrook.edu). You can include anything you want in the body of the e-mail (e.g., I love Stony Brook, I can read the class notes, etc.). You should receive a response if we are able to communicate. You will also receive your unique CSE336 ID number. You will use this number to look up your in-progress grades in the class Web site. You will also enter this number on the cover sheet of CSE336 exams and quizzes.
  2. Include your first name, last name, and student ID in the e-mail.
  3. Independent of the e-mail, if you have your own computer, you should begin to set it up with the software you will need for the course. The items to install are located on the class Web site. You should plan to install Amaya first as you will be using it by the start of the second week of class.