This undergraduate course will cover the basic concepts, mathematical foundations, fundamental theories and algorithms, software techniques, hardware and system issues, and application examples of computer graphics. The main topics will center on modeling, rendering, interaction, and animation. Finally, if time permits, we shall give a brief overview of various advanced graphics research topics.

Course Credits: 3


  • Computer Science Background: Data Structures, Programming Languages and Skills (such as C/C++.)

  • Mathematics Sophistication: Calculus, Linear Algebra, basic Analytic Geometry.

  • Course Prerequisites: Please NOTE whether you have satisfied the course prerequisites (CSE 219 and CSE 220, or permission of instructor.) Anyone with the prerequisites is invited to register. Please talk to Professor Hong Qin if you are interested in registering for this course. If you miss the office hours, please send emails to Professor Hong Qin in order to make an appointment!


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Professor Hong Qin

Office Hours:
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