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CSE 102/ISE 102
Introduction to Web Design and Programming

Spring 2019

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Welcome to CSE/ISE 102 

CSE 102/ISE 102 is an introduction to the design of Web pages, specifically the development of browser and device independent HTML, with an emphasis on the XHTML standards. Includes the use of style sheets (CSS) and tools for page layout and verification. HTML is presented as a mark-up language, exploring the rules of HTML elements and attributes. Students learn the separation of page viewing information from the HTML through CSS style sheets as well as the use of block layout without using HTML tables. Addresses HTML display properties including text, color, image, and graphic elements as well as approaches to HTML validation and techniques. Additional course topics include: Web Forms, Form Processing, Client-Side Scripting using JavaScript, Document Object Model, Dynamic HTML, Perl and CGI. Suitable for all majors.