Worked as Product Engineer, Power, and Signal Integrity Solution, Silicon Signoff Verification (SSV), Digital Signoff Group (DSG) at Cadence Design System.

Successfully filed two US Patents Applications over these years. US Patent Grant - 10,460,055

Over the past years has been engaged in the development and validation of algorithms, crafting designs using advanced cells to create different scenarios/situations at lower nodes, developing different analysis features for power calculation engine, electromigration, and other flows.

7 months internship at STMicroelectronics which includes simulation, extraction & verification of the designs of memory compilers along with bench-marking them for true & fast spice.

Developed real-time micro-controller projects during 2 months internship at Edubotix i.e. Voice operated the system, motion-controlled robotic arm, obstacle avoider, home automation, etc.

Childhood formulas, experiments of mathematics & science inspired me to be the engineer and himself apply the practical knowledge to the upliftment of the society. With this technical bug had a keen interest in designing & verification of logic circuits, building algorithms & programs.

Graduate Student

Stony Brook University

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