CSE 638 Advanced Graduate Algorithms (and Data Structures)

Spring 2012 

Course Description

This course teaches advanced data structures for several settings (RAM, external memory, succinct, strings). We emphasize randomized data structures, meaning that students will learn randomization techniques. As the course illustrates, data structures lie at the heart of algorithms. They have a rich set of techniques. They are beautiful. They are practical. They are a vehicle for technology transfer.


Michael A. Bender

1412 Computer Science Bldg
Phone: 631-632-7835
Office Hours: TBA
Office Hours Location: TBA.
Email: bender@cs.stonybrook.edu.

Lecture Time and Place

Monday and Wednesday 3:50 pm - 5:10
As of Wednesday 2/1/12, we are still in CS 1211.


  • Problem sets roughly every 2 weeks.
  • Two exams.
  • Attendance and class participation are mandatory.
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  • All course information (procedures, syllabus, etc) appears in this document (still to be posted).
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    Course Documents

  • We will use Blackboard. Course documents and problem sets will appear there. So will photos of all chalkboards.
  • If you are auditing and want access to Blackboard, you can autoenroll as a student. If you are at another institution and want access to the course documents, please send me e-mail.
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