CSE 548 Graduate Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2021 


Michael A. Bender

Office: New Computer Science Building Room 245

Lecture Time and Place

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday 2:40pm-4:00pm
Engineering 145

Professor Office Hours

Please see the course information on Blackboard, my webpage, or here.

Teaching Assistants

Daniel Chao daniel.chao@stonybrook.edu
Quinten De Man quinten.deman@stonybrook.edu
Gilvir Gill gilvir.gill@stonybrook.edu
Qamber Jafri qamber.jafri@stonybrook.edu
Jongwoo Park jongwopark@cs.stonybrook.edu
Mathilde Sreeves mathilde.sreeves@stonybrook.edu
Chenlu Wang chenlwang@cs.stonybrook.edu
Daniel Wu daniel.wu.1@stonybrook.edu
Chencheng Yang chencheng.yang@stonybrook.edu
Xinyu Zhang zhang146@cs.stonybrook.edu

Teaching Assistant Office Hours

Please see the course information on Blackboard.


  • Problem sets and practice problems every 1-2 weeks.
  • Two exams.
  • There will be opportunities for extra credit for activities in support of learning (scribing, coming up with practice problems, running review sessions, etc).
  • Course Information

  • Course procedures
  • Course Documents

  • We will use Blackboard. All course documents problem sets appear there. So do all course notes.
  • If you are at Stony Brook and want guest access to Blackboard, let me know.