CSE 495/496 Senior Honors Research Projects I and II

Course Coordinator

Michael A. Bender

Office: New Computer Science Building Room 245

How to Enroll in CSE 495

  1. Identify a faculty adviser. Your faculty adviser does not have to be a member of the Computer Science Department, but your project must be related to computer science.
  2. In collaboration with your research adviser, come up with a research topic.
  3. Write a 1-2 page research proposal and email it to me. Your proposal should state (1) the problem to be solved, (2) your anticipated results, and (3) the initial steps that you expect to take. You should also identify (4) parts of the project that are low risk and you anticipate no difficulty in finishing and (5) your stretch goals, that is, the higher-risk higher-payoff parts of the project.
  4. Email me your proposal.
  5. Then I will give you permission to enroll. Please enroll in my section of CSE 495/496.

Project Presentations in May

Other Requirements


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Course Outcomes