CSE 385 Analysis of Algorithms: Honors

Spring 2023 


Michael A. Bender

Office: New Computer Science Building Room 245

Time and Place

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday 2:40am-4pm in Old CS 2020
Recitation (mandatory): Tuesday 9:45am-11:05am in Old CS 2020
(We moved the recitation to end later than listed on Solar. We will compensate by canceling some of our Tuesday recitations.)

Professor Office Hours

Please see my webpage. They are also listed here.

Teaching Assistants

Posted on Brightspace.


  • Problem sets and practice problems every 1-2 weeks.
  • Two exams.
  • Attendance and class participation are mandatory.
  • There will be small opportunities for extra credit for activities in support of learning (scribing, coming up with practice problems, running review sessions, etc).
  • Course Information

  • Course procedures
  • Course topics
  • Course Documents

  • We will use Brightspace. All course documents appear there.
  • If you are at Stony Brook and want guest access to Brightspace, let me know.