I am a Research Fellow at Schepens Eye Research Institute of Mass Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA, and Research Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University, NY, USA. I am FTE as a Sr Member of Tech Staff at AT&T, NJ, USA.

I recieved my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stony Brook University under supervision of Prof. Klaus Mueller in 2020.
In 2018, I was awarded ICTCCP Research Excellence Award. In 2016, I was awarded PhD Fellowship of SFB-TRR 161 (DFG) for a Project on Adaptive Self-Consistent Visualization. During the fellowship, I was a visiting researcher in the Visualization Research Center, University of Stuttgart, Germany under supervision of Prof Daniel Weiskopf. I worked as a student researcher in Brookhaven National Lab, New York from 2017 - 2018. During summer of 2019, I got an opportunity to intern at AT&T Labs, where I worked on deep learning driven forecasting of network outage and developed a visual analytic tool for geospatial data exploration. I am currently working with Schepens Eye Reseach Instite at Harvard Medical School on Eye movement analysis of visually impaired people walking on the streets.

I received my Bachelor of Technology (Undergraduate) in Electronics and Communication Engineering, from The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur, India in 2014. During my bachelor’s I got a chance to work with Prof Michael Kozubek and Prof. Martin Maska at CBIA, Brno, Czech Republic as a Research Intern. I was a Project Trainee at Philips Research Lab (Healthcare) with Senior Scientist Vipin Gupta on the topic of Automatic Vessel detection in Colposcopic Images. I also worked as a research intern with Prof Anil K Tiwari at IIT Jodhpur in the field of Image Interpolation, Compression and Noise Removal.

My research interests include Data and Visual Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Eye Tracking.


News Feed

    12/2020 : Now Dr. Kumar, defended my Thesis: "Visual Analytics Methodology for Multivariate Volumetric and Spatio-temporal Data".

    09/2020 : Postdoctoral Talk: "Visual Analytics of Multivariate Volumetric and Spatio-temporal Data" at Gerstein Lab, Yale University.

    09/2020 : Invited Talk: "Visual Analytics: Strengthening Eye Movements Research" at ODSC Europe.

    09/2020 : Invited Talk : "Interpretable Task based Classification and Saliency Prediction using Eye Movement Data" at Vision Journal Club

    08/2020 : Postdoctoral Talk: "Interactive Visual Analytics: Strengthening Eye Movements Research" at SERI, Harvard Medical School.

    04/2020 : Our Paper "Challenges in Interpretability of Neural Networks for Eye Movement Data" got accepted at 2020 ACM ETRA, Stuttgart.

    04/2020 : Our Demo Paper "Demo of the EyeSAC System for Visual Synchronization, Cleaning, and Annotationof Eye Movement Data" got accepted at 2020 ACM ETRA, Stuttgart.

    03/2020 : Our Tutorial "Interpretable Machine Learning" got accepted at 2020 ACM ETRA, Stuttgart. (CANCELLED)

    03/2019 : Our paper "Task Classification Model for Visual Fixation,Exploration, and Search" got accepted at 2019 ACM ETRA (Challenge), Denver.

    01/2019 : Invited Talk : "Visualization and Visual Analytics of multi-dimensional Data" at IIT Patna, India.

    08/2018 : Our paper "Eye Tracking for Exploring Visual Communication Differences" and "PetalVis - Floral Visualization for Communicating Set Operations" got accepted at VisComm, co-located with IEEE VIS 2018.

    08/2018 : Invited to be ACM ETRA 2019 SV Chair.

    08/2018 : 2018 ICTCCP Research Excellence Award.

    07/2018 : Our team won "Honorable Mention" at Data Open-Code Edition (Datathon) organized by Citadel LLC in New York City.

    04/2018 : Our paper "Visual Analysis of Eye Gazes to Assist Strategic Planning in Computer Games" and "The Hierarchical Flow of Eye Movements " got accepted at ETVIS, co-located with ACM ETRA 2018.

    01/2018 : Our paper "Visual Multi-Metric Grouping of Eye-Tracking Data" got accepted at JEMR.

    03/2016 : Invited Talk : "Information and Scientific Visualization : The Next Big Revolution" at Thapar University, India.

    02/2016 : Invited Talk : "Information and Scientific Visualization : The Next Big Revolution" at INMAS, DRDO, India.