Arghya Bhattacharya

Your Most Recent Pic Here Computer Science, Stony Brook University.

I am a doctoral candidate in computer science at Stony Brook University in the fourth year of my graduate studies. I did my undergraduate in electrical engineering at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. I have work experience both in academic research and industry. Primarily, I design cache-friendly algorithms that are good in both theory and practice. I also study machine-learning augmented algorithms for traditional online problems.

Research Interest

I primarily focus on algorithms, data structures, probability, and machine learning. More specifically, I study the performance of cache-efficient external memory algorithms, parallel (multi-threaded) algorithms, machine learning augmented online algorithms, and filesystem aging. My coding skills include C++, Python, Matlab, Shell, MySQL, and Keras.


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Computer Science, Stony Brook University. Advisor: Prof. Michael A. Bender, Collaborator: Prof. Rezaul A. Chowdhury [Fall'18 -- Spring'23 (expected)].

  • B.Eng., Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University. Advisor: Prof. Debangshu Dey [2012 -- 2016].

  • Experience

  • Research Engineer, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. Advisor: Prof. Dipti Srinivasan

  • Consultant, Pricewaterhouse Coopers India Pvt. Ltd

  • Selected Publications

  • Arghya Bhattacharya, Rathish Das. Machine Learning Advised Ski Rental Problem with a Discount. accepted and to be appeared in 16th International Conference and Workshops on Algorithms and Computation (WALCOM 2022).
  • Alex Conway, Ainesh Bakshi, Arghya Bhattacharya, Rory Bennett, Yijheng Jiao, Eric Knorr, Michael A. Bender, William Jannen, Rob Johnson, Bradley C. Kuszmaul, Donald E. Porter, Yang Zhan, and Martin Farach-Colton. File System Aging. submitted in ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS).
  • Arghya Bhattacharya, Dwaipayan Choudhury, and Debangshu Dey. Edge-enhanced Bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition based emotion recognition using fusion of feature set. Soft Computing, Springer (2018) 22: 889--903.
  • Arghya Bhattacharya, Dwaipayan Choudhury, and Debangshu Dey. Emotion Recognition from Facial Image Analysis Using Composite Similarity Measure Aided Bi-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition. First IEEE Conference on Control, Measurement and Instrumentation (CMI 2016).
  • Mainak Biswas, Arghya Bhattacharya, and Debangshu Dey. Classification of Various Colon Diseases in Colonoscopy Video using Cross-Wavelet Features IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET 2016).

  • Recent Talks and Posters

  • Winner: Best Security Hack, SBUHack'21, Steganography Attack, Code

  • JBSPDF Young Scholars' Exposure

  • Progress Imbalance in Multi-process Performance at Graduate Research Day, 2021, CS@SBU

  • Teaching

  • Mentor, High School Women in Science and Engineering (HS-WISE), Lesson: Thinking Algorithmically, Topics: Probability, Algorithms, and Data Structures.

  • About me

    I stay in the beautiful Long Island, NY, USA. I grew up in the village Mourigram, Howrah, WB, India. Connect with me on social media.
    Read my blog on Medium. In this blog, I share my thoughts and opinions on several social, technical, and political issues.