CSE 523/524: MS Project
CSE 523/524: MS Project

Instructor: Anshul Gandhi
347, New CS Building
anshul (at) cs (dot) stonybrook (dot) edu

Course Info

I have a few research projects well suited for MS students. The projects typically deal with performance modeling and analysis in the areas of cloud computing, data centers, big data, etc. Please see some of the recent publications on my webpage to get an idea of my research interests. If you have a project of your own that falls in this general area, that would be great as well. As is expected of this course, you will have to write a project report at the end of the course.

If you are interested in taking the course, please email me your resume and we can then set up a meeting to talk about the project.

Please do not register for the course without first getting my written approval.

 Please report any errors to the Instructor.