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My name is Anurag Arora & I am a CS graduate student at Stony Brook University

About Me

I am a Computer Science and Engineering pass-out from prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi). I joined Microsoft India R&D Pvt Ltd. after completing my Bachelor of Technology from IIT Mandi and worked here for four years before deciding to pursue graduation from Stony Brook University. Currently I am studying Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics at Stony Brook University. My experience in writing production standard code with no room for error and my knowledge makes me a perfect fit for dynamic and technology-rich company.

My Resume

Education & Experience

Stony Brook University, New York

Master of Science in Computer Science (GPA: 4.0/4.0)
August 2017 - December 2018
  • Yeast GAN: BIO-GAN convolution neural network was modified to generate single channel images of yeast cell. Currently, trying to come up with a novel approach to generate segmentation masks using GAN.
  • Infant Mortality (UN’s SDG 3.2): Implemented a framework that can predict the risk of infant death and provide similar pregnancy cases for reference to aid the medical practitioners in taking informed decisions. Technologies used: large-scale machine learning, dimensionality reduction, clustering, similarity search, spark, etc.
  • Spam/Ham filter using Multinomial Naive Bayes classifier.
  • Face detection and tracking using Viola-Jones, Kalman Filter, Particle filter, and Optical Flow tracker. Image segmentation using SLIC super-pixels and graph-cuts and image panorama stitching using SIFT matching and blending the images using Laplacian pyramid. 3-D reconstruction (stereo) using Structure from motion.
  • Trained CNN classifier for digits 1,4,5,9 and then used this trained model to classify the remaining digits.

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
July 2009 - June 2013
  • Multi-Platform Cloud-Based Tourist Information System: Developed web and mobile app to provide and map real-time and on-site dynamic information about nearby archeological sites & communities.
  • 2-D reconstruction of random heterogeneous media for early detection of an avalanche.
  • Designed and developed a working model of HiTech-Shoe, a renewable source of energy that charges mobile and other portable devices while a person is walking.

Microsoft India

Software Engineer
July 2013 - July 2017
  • Cloud Solution Provider(CSP): Developed the customer's user UI functionality & Minecraft's license provision functionality in CSP. Implemented complete UI of customer's user creation, update, bulk update, license assignment, bulk license assignment, Minecraft's license assignment, and automatic custom left-menu generation. UI was responsive as well localized to support CSP in different regions around the globe. My work was crucial for the release of Minecraft's Education Edition & Windows 10 Enterprise. Got "Excellence Award" for my work.
  • Microsoft Quote: Developed complete custom duration UI of MSQuote, an enterprise commerce quoting application. Custom duration helps Microsoft's customer to order software and services for custom-duration instead of a fixed period earlier. Annually, Microsoft sells software & services worth $50 Billion through this application.
  • Release Services: In this team, I took care of automation tasks for server’s management. These tasks helped in taking proactive steps by using Data Mining on the logs generated, hence reducing downtime of servers by 30%.
  • Project Manager: Improved the efficiency of Product lifecycle management (PLM) to reduce the total development cost of sales team's software.
  • Technologies used: AngularJS 1.x/2.x, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, HTML5, CSS3, C#, WebCore (Customized Bootstrap), Office UI Fabric, PowerShell, SQL, & Power BI.




AngularJS 1.X/2.X

Ruby on Rails

Html 5 / CSS 3


Awards & Honors

Honor Prize

I got an “IIT Mandi Honor Prize” for designing and developing a working model of HiTech-Shoe, a renewable source of energy that charges mobile and other portable devices while a person is walking.

Excellence Awards - Individual Award Winner

Awarded for my contribution in CSP(Cloud Solution Provider, Windows Group) project. CSP is the fastest growing licensing program for Microsoft's Partners. I worked on enabling partners to provision licenses to end users in a customer’s org.

Excellence Awards - Team Award Winner

My team was awarded for engineering excellence and innovation while implementing customer's user functionality in Cloud Solution Provider project.

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