The Algorithm Design Manual
About the Book
Programming Challenges

The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

Steven Skiena
Stony Brook University
Dept. of Computer Science

Numerical Problems

Solving Linear Equations
Bandwidth Reduction
Matrix Multiplication
Determinants and Permanents
Constrained and Unconstrained Optimization
Linear Programming
Random Number Generation
Factoring and Primality Testing
Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic
Knapsack Problem
Discrete Fourier Transform

Recommended Books

Numerical Recipes in C by William H. Press, Saul A. Teukolsky, William T. Vetterling, and Brian P. Flannery Elementary Numerical computing with Mathematica by R. Skeel and J. Keiper Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers by R. Hamming
Numerical Methods for Engineers by S. Chapra and R. Canale Java Number Cruncher: The Java Programmer's Guide to Numerical Computing by R. Mak Numerical methods and analysis by J. Buchanan and P. Turner
Numerical Mathematics and Computing by W. Cheney and D. Kincaid

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