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VFLib: graph matching library

The ARG Database is a huge collection of labeled and unlabeled graphs realized by the Intelligent Systems and Artificial Vision Lab. (SIVALab) of the University of Naples ``Federico II''. The aim of this collection is to provide the graph research community with a standard test ground for the benchmarking of graph matching algorithms.

The database is organized in two section: labeled and unlabeled graphs. Both labeled and unlabeled graphs have been randomly generated according to six different generation models, each involving different possible parameter settings. As a result, 168 diverse kinds of graphs are contained in the database. Each type of unlabeled graph is represented by thousands of pairs of graphs for which an isomorphism or a graph-subgraph isomorphism relation holds, for a total of 143,600 graphs. Furthermore, each type of labeled graph is represented by thousands of pairs of graphs holding a not trivial common subgraph, for a total of 166,000 graphs.

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