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SimPack/Sim++ Simulation Toolkit

SimPack is a collection of C++ tools (routines and programs) for computer simulation. The purpose of SimPack is to provide people with a "starting point" for simulating a system. The intention is that people will view what exists as a template (or "seed") and then "grow a simulation program." SimPack tools have been used for six years of teaching computer simulation at the under- graduate (senior) and graduate levels. Also, many people have taken the basic tools and created more complex research applications with lots of options specific to a particular area.

Sim++ is a library of routines for implementing discrete event simulations, built by Robert Cubert and Paul Fishwick of the University of Florida. Priority queues are integral to such simulations, and Sim++ contains implementations of linked, binary, leftist, and calendar heaps. If you need a priority queue to control a simulation, check out . It also contains random number generators for a variety of different distributions, including uniform, exponential, and normal. Fishwick's book Simulation Model Design & Execution: Building Digital Worlds describes model design using SimPack.

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