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Frank Ruskey's Combinatorial Generation Resources

An exciting WWW site developed by Frank Ruskey of the University of Victoria contains a wealth of material on generating combinatorial objects of different types, including permutations, subsets, partitions, and certain graphs. Specifically, there is an interactive interface which lets you specify which type of objects you would like to construct, and quickly returns the objects to you. For certain types of objects, programs which generate them are available by ftp. It is well worth checking this out at

His home page contains pointers to other useful material on generating combinatorial objects, along with interesting graphics.

  • The (Combinatorial) Object Server Homepage
  • List of Object Server Generation Programs (form required)
  • Frank Ruskey's Homepage

    Problem Links

    Generating Partitions (9)
    Generating Subsets (9)
    Generating Graphs (8)
    Generating Permutations (8)

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