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OpenCCL: Cache-Coherent Layouts of Meshes and Graphs

OpenCCL is an open source code to compute cache-oblivious layouts of graphs and polygonal meshes to improve performances of a wide variety of applications including geometric processing and visualization applications. OpenCCL has following features:

* Generality: OpenCCL can be used to compute cache-oblivious layouts of any graphs and any polygonal meshes including hierarchies and multi-resolution meshes. * Cache-Obliviousness: OpenCCL requires no knowledge of cache parameters or block sizes of the memory hierarchy involved in the computation. * Performance: Applications can experience significant improvements on performances by using cache-oblivious layouts of OpenCCL. For example, we observed 2 - 20 speedup on performances on isocontour extraction, view-dependent rendering, and collision detection. However, there is no guarantee to improve performances of any applications. * Usability: Cache-oblivious layouts computed by OpenCCL can improve performances of applications without modifying any algorithms and runtime applications.

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