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CAP -- Contig Assembly Program

OPBDP is an implementation in C++ of an implicit enumeration for solving (non)linear 0-1 (or pseudo-Boolen) optimization problems with integer coefficients. A Technical report desribing the techniques used in opbdp is included.

Logic-based methods for modelling and solving combinatorial problems have recently started to play a significant role in both theory and practice. The application of logic to combinatorial problems has a dual aspect. On one hand, constraint logic programming allows one to declaratively model combinatorial problems over an appropriate constraint domain, the problems then being solved by a corresponding constraint solver. Besides being a high-level declarative interface to the constraint solver, the logic programming language allows one also to implement those subproblems that cannot be naturally expressed with constraints. On the other hand, logic-based methods can be used as a constraint solving technique within a constraint solver for combinatorial problems modelled as 0-1 integer programs.

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  • OPBDP - A Davis-Putnam Based Enumeration Algorithm for Linear Pseudo-Boolea

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