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The textbook COMBINATORIAL ALGORITHMS Generation, Enumeration, and Search by Donald L. Kreher and Douglas Stinson is written in c++. It covers the following combinatorial problems: clique, the traveling salesman problem, Knapsack, Exact Cover, Uniform Graph Partition, A hilclimbing for Steiner triple systems, A simulated anealing "for the Knapsack (optimzation) problem.", tabu search, Groups, Permutation Groups, Orbits of Subsets, Coset representatives, Orbits 0f k-tuples, and Generating objects having automorphisms.
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    Generating Partitions (10)
    Generating Subsets (10)
    Generating Permutations (9)
    Clique (8)
    Generating Graphs (8)
    Graph Isomorphism (8)

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