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ILOG CP: Solve Complex Scheduling and Routing Problems

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ILOG CP contains three modules:

ILOG Solver—The core constraint-programming engine. It provides the foundation for solving complex scheduling, sequencing, timetabling, routing and dispatching problems with large numbers of irregular constraints. Using logical and specialized constraints, the search algorithms find feasible solutions efficiently and allow you to improve your solutions.

ILOG Scheduler—Provides extensions for scheduling problems that solve difficult challenges in manufacturing, transportation and workforce scheduling. Scheduler allows you to build plans and schedules that take into account temporal constraints and many of the special characteristics of the resources and activities you need to schedule. ILOG Scheduler is at the heart of ILOG Plant PowerOps.

ILOG Dispatcher—Provides extensions for vehicle routing that solve difficult challenges in transportation and field service. This CP module helps you determine the most efficient set of routes, given time and distance constraints. ILOG Dispatcher is at the heart of ILOG Transport PowerOps.

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