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Geolab -- Computational Geometry System

Geolab is a library of 2-D geometric algorithms and data structures, with a visualization environment, written by Pedro J. de Rezende, Welson R. Jacometti, Cesar N. Gon, and Laerte F. Morgado, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil. Geolab is written in C++ and requires the SUN C++ compiler, but a Sparc binary is included along with all source code.

Geolab appears to be primarily for the brave, since it contains relatively little documentation, but it does contain 40 algorithms, including all the computational geometry classics plus some other interesting things like:

The Geolab distribution is available for ftp at the Univ. of Minnesota Geometry Center.

  • Download Files (local site)
  • Pedro J. de Rezende's Webpage
  • Geolab Homepage

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