I am Abhishek Kumar Singh

Software Engineer, Backend Developer, Web Api Developer, Problem Solver, Algorithm Enthusiast

Name: Abhishek Kumar Singh

Profile: Software Developer

Email: abhisheksingh1059@gmail.com

Phone: (631) 538-8235

Preffered Programing Language/Skills

Java 90%
Python 70%
C 65%
C++ 60%
About me

“If things become easy you are not growing”. I thrive to better Myself every day. Software Engineer at heart with a passion for algorithms,data structures and inovation. I have work experience ranging in multiple domains with different unique organisations

I am what you call jack of all trades, from working on largeScale databases & business intelligence tools for tech giant Oracle to having helped in the growth of fast-paced startup called Turvo. I posses exemplary software engineering skill sets,capable of handling big software modules independently. I classify myslef as a highly energetic, skilful and thoughtful individual with a flair for Software Engineering.

Apart from the technical side of things I also enjoy sports especially football and basketball. My hobbies are playing Dota,running and strength training. I keep myself busy by going on treks and long runs during the weekends.


Extensive Details of my Educational Background

Masters of Sciecne

Pursuing MS in Computer Sciences from Stony Brook University, New York.

Major Courses :
Computer Vision,Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems,Modern Cryptography, Smart Energy.
Program Start Date:
27th August 2018
Tentative Graduation Dates :
20th December 2019

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Bachelors in Engineering

Completed my BE in Computer Sciences from Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra, India.

Major Courses :
Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithm, Operating Systems, Image Processing, Compiler Design
Program Start Date:
21st May 2011
Graduation Dates :
20th May 2015

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High School

Went to one of the top ranked school in India. Delhi Public School, Bokaro, India.

Major Courses :
Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Web Technologies
Marks :
Program Start Date:
21st May 2009
Graduation Dates :
1st April 2011

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My Complete Professional Work Experience summarised below

Software Engineering Intern at Arcesium LLC.

Worked for Team Trinity on a product related to post trades Profit And Loss calculations

Location :
Manhattan,New York City
Start Date :
21st May 2019
End Date :
23th Auguest 2019

Software Engineer at Turvo Inc.

Worked for the core platform team, responsible for creating and maintaing web Api's for the logistics platform.

Kapil Towers,Hyderabad,India
Start Date :
20st March 2017
End Date :
31st July 2018

Applications Engineer at Oracle Pvt. Ltd

Worked for Oracle Applications Lab, a organisation dedicated for R&D for Oracle's ERP products and internal tools

Start Date :
22st June 2015
End Date :
17th March 2017

Knowledge Domain

Fields I have worked on and have some personal/professional expereince.

Software Development

I have around 3.5 years of experience in delivering high quality code for software products. Capable of handling and self managing big software modules as well create full fledged softwares as a part of a big team.

My Works :
Oracle Cloud Revenue System, Image Dehazing Tool, Oracle Sales Rep Commsion Tool

Web Development

Created numerous REST Web Api's as well as integerated multiple 3rd party Web Api's for Logistics Based Platform Company. Have extensive knowledge of writing backend code for scalable and fast Web Api's

My Works :
Online Location Tracking Apis , Google Maps Apis Integration, Grpc Services, Protobuf Pipelining

Artificial Intelligence/ML

Done multiple small Independent and individual project on the basics of Artificial Intelligence, how to utilize machine learning for AI based algorithms. Its a growing field with much more to learn

My Works :
Electirification of NYC cabs, Electricity Consumption Prediction based on Time Series Data

Computer Vision

Took entry level course on Computer Vision last winter and gained fundamental knowledge Curretnly doing some research work in the field of Computer Vision using Convolutional Neural Networks

My Works :
Semantic Segmentation of Images using Mask CNN,Image Stitching (Panorama), Object Detection in Images

Operating Systems

Undertook and completed, multiple extensive projects under Professor Erez Zadok OS course. All projects directly associated with FileSystems and Kernel Level Programing on Linux Operating System

My Works :
System call for Encryption/ Decryption of text files, Backup FileSystem on a layered FileSystem Architecutre

Business Intelligence Tools

Experience with backend Data Pipelining tools like Oracle Data Integrator and AWS Redshift that are used as source of data for Business Intelligence Reporting Tools

My Works :
Oracle Cloud Revenue Reporting System, Turvo Shipments Lifecycle Reporting Projects









Personal/Professional Projects

Below is list of projects, I have worked so far in my personal time and professional career

Research Work

Here is some of the Research work I have done as a Masters Student.

Computer Vision

Semantic Segmentation using Machine Learning

In this research, I workd on the Concepts on Masked Convolutional Neural Networks and its use in semantic segmentaion

Data Analysis and ML

Electirification of NYC Cabs

In this research work, we pondered idea of "How Feasible is it to replace NYC cabs with Tesla"

Computer Graphics

Image Dehazing and color Transfer

Worked on implementing a graph based image dehazing procedure