Center for Visual Computing

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Location Computer Science
Mission The Center for Visual Computing was established to advance visual computing studies at SUNY Stony Brook, to promote research and education in Visual Computing, to attract major federal and state funding, to motivate industry to collaborate with the Computer Science department, and to foster interdisciplinary interaction. Visual computing research activities include: visualization, computer graphics, image processing, medical imaging, virtual reality, user interfaces, computer-supported collaborative work, computer-aided design, multimedia, and computational geometry.
Hardware iMac, PC, SGI, Sun
Operating System Mac-OSX, MS Windows, Irix, Solaris
Software Dreamweaver, Director, MS Visual Studio
Details Among the projects are:
  • CUBE, an architecture for volume visualization hardware,
  • VolVis, a volume oriented tool for rendering images,
  • Virtual Colonoscopy, a tool which enables the user to take data from a CT scan and use it for a virtual ride through a patients colon.
Funding NSF, ONR, Naval Research Labs, NIH, DOE, Sandia National Lab, The New York State Science and Technology Foundation, HP, CA, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL), INTEL, APPLE, Exxon, Microsoft, Invision, SPIR, Periphonics, ADEMCO, ArbonWorld, Reuters.
Director Arie Kaufman
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