Zhibo YANG – Projects

Research Projects

  • Job Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Big Data Processing Systems - Algorithm Design, Performance Optimization and Implementation (Java/Python)
    [joint work with Huanle Xu]

    • Scheduling Algorithm Implementaion on Hadoop

    • Automatic Scheduling Policy Learning Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition (C/C++/C#)

    • Similar Chinese Character Discrimination

    • “Writing in The Air” Based on Kinect

    • Chinese Calligraphic Spotting

Course Projects

  • Computer Vision (Spring 2015, Fall 2017, Spring 2018)

    • Image stitching (C++)

    • Optical flow estimation (C++)

    • Human Detection (C++)

    • Image classification (C++)

    • Human Face Tracking in Real Time (Python)

    • 3D Image Reconstruction (Python)

    • Scene Image Classification Using Deep Learning (Python)

    • Action Recognition (Python)

  • Compressive Sensing (Fall 2015)

    • Matrix Completion and it Application on Background Substraction (Matlab)
      [PDF] [Codes]]

  • Operating System (Spring 2018)

    • Implementing System Calls on Linux Kernel 4.6 (C)