CSE 507 Computational Linguistics

Spring 2013

Mon / Fri 1:00pm - 2:20pm at [Earth & Space 183]



Course Description:

Tentative Syllabus:

Date Topics Reading Assignment
--- Slides (provided below for convenience) correspond to roughly 80% of the actual class material. The rest will be delivered on the chalkboard. For future lectures, slides from the last year's class are provided for now. Some of these slides may get updated after the lecture. Updated slides will be clearly marked. ---
01 Mon Jan 28 Introduction (slides are available at Blackboard)
02 Fri Feb 01 Lexical Semantics & WordNet [slides]
03 Mon Feb 04 Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) [slides]
04 Fri Feb 08 Campus closed due to snow storm
05 Mon Feb 11 Campus closed due to snow storm
06 Fri Feb 15 Speciala lecture on stylometry (due to job fair) [slides]
07 Mon Feb 18 Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) [slides] & Selectional Preference & lexical similarity [slides]
8 Fri Feb 22 Learning to Infer Meaning of Words: Graph-based Algorithms (1) Unsupervised Large-Vocabulary Word Sense Disambiguation with Graph-based Algorithms for Sequence Data Labeling. Rada Mihalcea, EMNLP 2005

Additional Reading on Lexical Semantics, Word Relations, Taxanomy Induction (optional):
9 Mon Feb 25 Machine Learning 101 [slides] & Ngrams, Language Models [slides]
10 Fri Mar 01 Thematic Roles & PropBank & FrameNet [slides]
11 Mon Mar 04 Thematic Roles & PropBank & FrameNet [slides]
12 Fri Mar 08 Learning to Infer Meaning of Words: Classification-based Approaches (2) Glen, Glenda or Glendale: Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning of English Noun Gender. Shane Bergsma, Dekang Lin, Randy Goebel, CoNLL, 2009.

Additional Reading (optional): TBD
13 Mon Mar 11 Grammar Formalism: CFG [slides]
14 Fri Mar 15 Grammar Formalism: Beyond CFG [slides]
15 Mon Mar 18 Spring Break
16 Fri Mar 22 Spring Break
17 Mon Mar 25 Learning to Infer Meaning of Text: Sentiment Analysis with Syntax (3) More than Words: Syntactic Packaging and Implicit Sentiment. Greene, Stephan and Philip Resnik. NAACL 2009.

Additional Reading on Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis (optional):
18 Fri Mar 29 Summarization with Graph Structure (4) Scientific Paper Summarization Using Citation Summary Networks Vahed Qazvinian, Dragomir R. Radev. Coling 2008

Additional Reading on Summarization (optional):
19 Mon Apr 01 Grammar Formalism: CCG & TAG [slides]
20 Fri Apr 05 Discourse: Text Coherence & Rhetorical Structure Theory [slides]
21 Mon Apr 08 Learning Document Structure and Coherence (5) Modeling Local Coherence: An Entity-based Approach. Regina Barzilay, Mirella Lapata, ACL 2005

Additional Reading on Document Structure (optional):
22 Fri Apr 12 Discourse: Segmentation [slides] & Coreference (Anaphora) Resolution Intro [slides]
23 Mon Apr 15 Project Update Presentations Each group will give a 5 minute presentation.
24 Fri Apr 19 Connecting NLP with Computer Vision (6) Corpus-Guided Sentence Generation of Natural Images. Yezhou Yang, Ching Lik Teo, Hal Daumé III, Yiannis Aloimonos. EMNLP 2011.

Additional Reading on Images and Text (optional):
25 Mon Apr 22 Learning with Logic Programming (7) Unsupervised Induction of Sentence Compression Rules. Joao Cordeiro, Gael Dias, PAvel Brazdil. ACL 2009.

Additional Reading on Learning with Logic (optional):
Additional Reading on Sentence Compression (optional):
26 Fri Apr 26 Catch-up Day
27 Mon Apr 29 Computational Poetry and Creativity (8) Automatic Analysis of Rhythmic Poetry with Applications to Generation and Translation. Erica Greene, Tugba Bodrumlu, Kevin Knight. EMNLP 2010.

Additional Reading on Computational Creativity (optional):
28 Fri May 03 Computational Creative Writing (9) Learning to Tell Tales: A Data-driven Approach to Story Generation. Neil McIntyre and Mirella Lapata. ACL 2009.

Additional Reading on Creative Generation (optional):
29 Fri May 06 Hypothesis Testing[slides]
30 Fri May 10 Final Project Presentation