CSE 592, Fall 2012: 'Hot' Topics in Networking

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9/24: updated papers for the next several lectures
9/13: Posted Scott Shenker's talk on SDN on the syllabus page

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This class is a reading and project-based class examining recent advances in the design of networked systems. Topics of interest will include some of ``hot'' topics that have been gaining attention in industry and the research community in the past few years -- software routers and middleboxes, software-defined networking, and data center networks.



Class Discussion

Online discussion of papers here

Academic honesty

Please refer to the department's graduate dishonesty policy You are expected to write your own paper reviews for each paper on a private blog that you share with me. Please create a blog on any public hosting site and share the URL with Vyas. (Make sure that the posts are not visible to other students before the class.) You are also expected to present papers/lead discussions in class. It is ok to look at presentation material from the authors' webpages, but the presentation content must be own (i.e., you cannot present their version verbatim) and you must cite appropriate sources for graphics/ideas etc.


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