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International Workshop on Volume Graphics

June 20-21,  2005

Stony Brook, New York, USA


Holly Rushmeier

Computer Science Department, Yale University

Modeling Volume Textures

Since their introduction in seminal papers by Peachey and Perlin in 1985, volume textures have been a popular modeling tool. Not only are they useful for creating complex and consistent textures, they are also needed  for rendering weathering effects on various materials such as stone, as demonstrated by Dorsey et al. in 1999. While it is possible to generate volume textures purely procedurally, recent interest in 2D texture synthesis from examples has spurred interest in synthesizing volumetric textures from physical examples. I will present applications where volume textures from samples are of interest, some approaches for estimating them, and some early work on evaluating whether the synthesized volumes are correct.

Holly Rushmeier is a professor of computer science at Yale University. Her current research focuses on scanning and modeling of shape and appearance properties, and on applications in cultural heritage. She has worked on a number of different problems in rendering, including global illumination and tone reproduction. Most recently her work was primarily in the area of acquisition of data required for generating  realistic computer graphics models, including a project to create a digital model of Michelangelo's Florence  Pieta and models of Egyptian cultural artifacts in a joint project between IBM and the Government of  Egypt.
    Dr. Rushmeier was Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Graphics from 1996-99, and she has also served  on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. She is currently on the editorial boards of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Computer Graphics Forum and ACM Transactions on Applied Perception. In 1996 she served as the papers chair for the ACM SIGGRAPH  conference, in 1998 and 2004 as the papers co-chair for the IEEE Visualization conference and in 2000 as the papers co-chair for the Eurographics Rendering Workshop. In 2005 she is serving as co-chair for the IEEE Visualization and 3DIM conferences.

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