Course Information

CSE 101 introduces central ideas of computing and computer science, instills practices of computational thinking, and engages students in the creative aspects of the field. Also introduces appropriate computing technology as a means for solving computational problems and exploring creative endeavors. Requires some programming.

Prerequisite: Passing the math placement exam at level 3, or any equivalent math course

Course Objectives

• Use computing tools and techniques to create artifacts

• Use multiple levels of abstraction, models, and simulation in computation

• Use algorithms to develop and express solutions to computational problems

Important Dates

9/5: No class (Labor Day)

10/10: Midterm 1 (8:45–10:15 PM, in Earth & Space Sciences 001)

11/9: Midterm 2 (8:45–10:15 PM, in Earth & Space Sciences 001)

11/23: No class (Thanksgiving Break)

12/21: Final exam (8:00–10:45 AM, location TBA)