Midterm 1

Midterm 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/14, in class. The exam may include any of the topics that have been discussed in class up through Friday, 10/9. The following topics are all fair game for the exam:

• Variables and Expressions

• Conditionals (if-else statements, but *not* switch statements)

• Loops (for, while, do-while, and foreach)

• Methods

• Classes and Objects

• Arrays and ArrayLists

• Testing and Debugging (but not the Assignment Rule)

• Searching and Sorting (linear search, binary search, bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort, mergesort, and radix sort)

The bulk of these topics can be found in chapters 1–5 of the textbook. Use the course slides and sample code for the remaining topics.

The exam will contain a mixture of multiple-choice and short-answer questions, asking you to write code, interpret code, and discuss general concepts. The exam will be closed-book, closed-notes. Each student is allowed a single "cheat sheet" that conforms to the following specifications:

• The cheat sheet may not exceed 8.5x11" in size (i.e., a standard US letter-size page)

• You may include any notes you want on both sides of the cheat sheet

• The cheat sheet may be typed, handwritten, or both. There is no minimum text size, provided that you can read your notes comfortably (eyeglasses and contact lenses are fine, but microscopes and magnifying glasses are not)

• You may create your cheat sheet with the assistance of another student, and you and another student may have identical cheat sheets during the exam. However, every student must have his/her own copy of the cheat sheet during the exam.

On Monday, 10/12, class will be devoted to an open review session. A practice exam will be posted Friday night to help you prepare for the exam; if the class so desires, this exam will be discussed during Monday's class. A second practice exam will be posted for an SBCS-run review session on Tuesday, 10/13, at 7 PM in CS 2129

Midterm 1 (practice version) (corrected solutions)

Midterm 1 (SBCS version) (solutions)

Midterm 2

Midterm 2 will be held in class on Wednesday, November 18. A review session will take place in class on Monday, November 16; bring your questions!

The SBCS will hold a review session for Midterm 2 on Tuesday, November 17, from 7-8:30 PM in Computer Science 2129. A sample exam for the review session is posted below; solutions will be added on Tuesday afternoon.

Midterm 2 will technically include all of the topics that we have covered so far this semester, but it will primarily focus on new material since the first exam: inheritance and polymorphism, exception-handling, file I/O, and recursion. Searching and sorting will not be on the exam! As with exam 1, the exam will be closed-book, closed-notes, but each student is permitted to use a single "cheat sheet" that corresponds to the guidelines above.

Midterm 2 practice version (solutions)

Midterm 2 practice exam (SBCS version) (solutions)

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