Community Services

For the betterment of families of jail inmates

Associated with Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust (SVCT), Delhi to work for the cause of betterment of family members, especially small children of people who are imprisoned. I was involved in many case studies and suggested the NGO suitable steps they should take to ameliorate the condition of the people from such families. In a specific case, we helped a young girl become self-sufficient and support her family of seven members when her father was incarcerated in a road accident case.

For the education of children of prostitutes

Prostitutes are brought illegally on the gloomy streets where prostitution is prevalent and lacking a social identity deprive them and their children from receiving social benefits. Along with my college friends, I worked for 15 of such children getting admissions in a government school and avail their right for education and right to live with dignity.

Extracurriculur Achievements & Participations

Badminton Championship - Stood at 2nd Position in Badminton Championship at CDoT, 2015.

Poem Composition (on the spot) Competition- Won 2nd Prize in Poem Writing Competition held at CDoT, 2013 & 2014.

Debate (on the spot) Competion - Won 1st Prize in debate competition at DCE on the topic - Capital Punishment in India, 2012.

Skit Competition - Won 1st Prize in skit Competition held at CDoT, 2015.

Organizing Team Member of Seance - From 2013 to 2016, member of organizing team of Seance - Annual Day of CDoT.

As a member of DCE Coders group, organized lectures on programming for college peers and juniors, 2011-2013.

Co-Founder of Astronomy Club in Delhi College of Engineering and organized lectures and talks on Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2011.

Volunteer in XIX Commonwealth Games organized in Delhi, India, 2010.

Organized Troika - Technical Fest at Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi. Specifically took charge of organized Speaking Tree and Brainwave event.