MS in Computer Science

Stony Brook University, New York (Aug 2017 - Present (Expected Graduation by Spring 2018))

BE in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi, Delhi (Aug 2009 - Jun 2013)

Independent Projects

Women's Safety in Indian Railways

Using the Indian Railways Timetable Dataset, determined the need for special female security on railway platforms using the details of departure and arrival timing of the train, origin and destination cities and crime rate in those cities, using MapReduce. Data set was taken from here. Code of the project can be found here.

Android Application for English Vocabulary (for GRE)

Developed an android application which provides the mnemonics and relevant images to learn new vocabulary, using Android Studio. The purpose is to help the students in improving vocabulary for GRE vocabulary section. Code of the project can be found here.

Online Polling System

As a member of Staff Recreation Club (SRC) in CDoT (Centre for Development of Telematics), came up with an idea of using online polling system. In a team of four, developed such a system for staff members of CDoT to provide response and feedback about management related survey questions, using Python and Django Framework. It expedited the decision making process by the management. The polling system is still in use at CDoT.

Academic Projects

The Searchin' Pac-Man

Course: CSE-537, Artificial Intelligence

Developed general search algorithms (BFS, DFS, UCS, A*) for a pac-man agent to find path through a maze to reach a particular location and to collect food efficiently.

Skin Burn Analyses using MATLAB

June 2012 - August 2012

Implemented kNN (k-Nearest Neighbor) algorithm in MATLAB to classify the degree of skin burns. A dataset of 300 images of skin burns on various body parts is used. Implemented burn models - Weaver & Stoll, Fugitt, Takata, Wu, Henriques, Diller and Klutke, Mehta & Wong and Torvi & Dale and Henriques Damage Integral in MATLAB to find the variation of injury parameter with respect to time.

Guide: Scientist Gulshan Kumar Singla, Deputy Director, CFEES, India

Thesis - BFM for the master device of Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) Timer using Verilog

February 2013 - May 2013

Designed a timer as a bus functional model (BFM) to place write operation on the APB. The Timer was an AMBA slave and connects to APB. Correctness of the BFM operation was judged by the exact match between the resultant waveforms and the waveforms specified by the AMBA APB specification. Checker Module was also implemented to check violations of the protocols at various buses which indicates failure of the BFM associated with that checker.

Guide: Dr. Rajeshwari Pandey, Associate Professor, Delhi College of Engineering, India

RPM Sensing and Gear Shift Optimization for Defianz_Racing Team

Nov 2012 - Dec 2012

The project was developed in order to fulfil the problem statement given by the Defianz_Racing - Car Racing Team in Delhi College of Engineering. In the prototype of the project, the rpm speed was taken as data from Laptop (originally, ECU serves the purpose) and sent to the microcontroller (Atmega32). It alerts the driver by flashing warning message on LCD display when to change the gear based upon the rpm speed from the ECU & the terrain of the road.

Hand Gesture based Mouse Control using MATLAB

Nov 2011 - Dec 2011

Three gestures were stored corresponding to left click, right click and double click. New gesture was captured through webcam of the laptop. An algorithm was designed which compared the freshly captured gesture and compared with three stored gestures to find the best match in order to proceed with the action as left click, right click and double click.

LRU Cache in C++

Course: EC-319, Programming IV

Implemented Least Recently Used cache (LRU) using hash-map and doubly linked list.

Academic Awards & Honors

Delhi NCR Topper (Rank-1) in CBSE Board tenth grade examination, 2007

Indira Award for Meritorious Students conferred for this achievement. Scored 100% marks in Mathematics.

All India Rank-4 student in CBSE Board tenth grade examination, 2007

Scored 97.4% aggregate in the examination. Felicitated by Government of Puducherry for securing rank 4.

Indira Award in Mathematics and Science, 2008

For being among top 0.1% students who scored maximum marks in Mathematics and Science Subjects, felicitated with two Indira Awards by Government of India in each subject

Science Stream Topper in North-West Delhi Zone, 2009

In 12th standard CBSE Board examination, scored highest marks in science stream especially in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in North-West Delhi Zone

Ambedkar Ratna Samman, 2009

For scoring highest marks in 12th standard CBSE Board Examination among all the female candidates who appeared among the exam, honored with Ambedkar Ratna Samman.