Every Friday
1:00 - 2:30 pm
CSE 2129

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Stony Brook Puzzle Society?

A. Stony Brook Puzzle Society is a community devoted to puzzle solving.

Q. What types of puzzles are solved?

A. Interview puzzles, algorithmic puzzles, data structure puzzles, mathematical puzzles and logic puzzles.

Q. How to be a member?

A. There is nothing like membership. Graduate or undergraduate students can attend the weekly sessions on puzzles.

Q. Are there any credits for attending the classes?

A. Nopes. It is just a fun class.

Q. How can one obtain the problems and solutions discussed in the sessions?

A. Class notes are uploaded in the website under Archive section.

Q. Can students volunteer for the society?

A. Definitely. Students can scribe the notes of puzzles and their solutions in the format provided in the Archive section.

Q. Is there a platform for students to discuss many puzzles and solutions?

A. Yes. There is a facebook group called Stony Brook Puzzle Society. Join the group and ask or answer questions.